Roy L. Schwartz & Son Tree Services have certified arborists and tree workers that can help determine what care your trees need today! Maintaining the aesthetic appeal and safety of your landscaping requires regular pruning and crown cleaning and thinning.  Every variety of tree requires specific pruning in order to prolong the life of the tree, maintain its health and safety, and provide an attractive appearance for your home & garden.

Crown upkeep is another important factor when servicing your trees – crown cleaning removes diseased, dead or dying branches that can affect the safety of those around as well as the well-being of the tree itself, while crown thinning removes select branches in order to open up the tree to increased air flow and reducing the weight on each branch. Need to provide clearance for neighboring buildings, utility lines, or property views? We can also reduce the size of your trees crown while still maintaining its natural shape and beauty without risking the structural integrity.

Take a look at the variety of tree services we offer:


Brush Chipping

Crown Cleaning

Crown Reduction

Crown Thinning

Fire Breaks


Limb Cabling


Structural Pruning

Vista Pruning

Tree Removal


Cavity Work

Crown Raising

Crown Restoration


Hazardous Tree Removal


Palm Tree Skinning


Utility Pruning

Stump Grinding


With over 35 years of experience Roy Schwartz Tree Service has the certifications and expertise to assist you in any job you may have. If you are in need of tree services then Contact US or call Roy Schwartz Tree Service at (619) 282-3562 to speak to a representative to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE today. Also please take a moment to Like Us on Facebook!